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The Restaurant AKS:

A huge wish comes true.


We are opening a brand new special restaurant for our guests at Helnæs Mølle on Friday, 22th March 2024 (Friday before Easter).

The opening hours will be as shown in the calendar below. However, we reserve the right to make changes, but changes will appear here on the website and on Facebook.

Restaurant AKS in Helnæs Mølle
When you book a stay at Helnæs Mølle, we will welcome you for an extraordinary experience.
We have renovated and decorated the old mill for Restaurant AKS, where the soul of the mill is expressed both through the raw boulder walls, the unique design and the interior, which expresses our style at Helnæs Mølle. We welcome you on the ground floor, which is furnished with a beautiful bar environment, which invites you to a nice start to the visit. When the weather permits, our terrace will of course be open.
You can book a table at Restaurant AKS here: Table reservation.

Focus on ingredients: We have our own organic asparagus field and many of our spring dishes, both for lunch and dinner, will be inspired by this. Good potatoes from Helnæs will be found on the menus, and – as far as possible – other local vegetables, fruit and other things are used, including honey from our own apiary as well as local must, cider and wine.

Evening: At Restaurant AKS, we strive to cook with the greatest possible use of seasonal fresh ingredients. The size of the dishes allows you to taste several of the dishes. All dishes have a unit price and we recommend 3-4 dishes per person.
Do you favor fish, vegetarian dishes, or good meat? Discover our universe of delicious dishes for every taste.
The evening menu follows the season and with a focus on using the best ingredients, which is why the menu will always be indicative. See our current menu card.

Drinks: We have a versatile wine list put together by our skilled sommelier. Some of the wines can be purchased per glass.
If you want it to be extra good, the evening can start with a nice glass of champagne and accompanying snack.
The bar serves beer – both draft and bottled – as well as cocktails.
We have a good selection of non-alcoholic champagne, wine and beer. See our current menu card.

Lunch: With a limited selection of lunch dishes, we have saved all the best in each serving!
We offer, among other things, tartare of hook-aged beef and our tartlet follows the season with both pork jowls, mushrooms and asparagus. In addition, a number of other lovely lunch dishes are served. See our current menu card.

Afternoon: In the afternoon, coffee and the day’s cake, ice cream in a cup, drinks and snacks are served – including a charcuterie board for the slightly bigger hunger. In the summer, the afternoon service will primarily take place on the terrace.

Breakfast: We do not serve breakfast at AKS, but instead offer our guests in the holiday homes the opportunity to buy a breakfast box which can be enjoyed in the apartment.
The breakfast box contains everything for a nice morning set; bread, butter, jam, cold cuts, cheese, skyr and granola as well as some sweets and fruit. In addition, coffee for a plunger, tea and juice.
Everything is delivered in a thermal box, which is collected in the evening.

Brunch: On Sundays in the summer term, there is brunch, which is booked until 9.30 or 10.30. Here, delicious portioned brunch dishes and shared food are served at the tables. See our current menu card.
Friday bar: On the first Friday of every month (all year round) we have a Friday bar from 15:00 to 18:00.
After At 18.00, those who wish can partake in a delicious Eat Together menu – a social dinner with polite self-service and affordable food, either at the Eat Together tables in the restaurant or at individual tables.
Please notice! This day the kitchen is closed for our normal evening menu.

Children: Both the evening, lunch and brunch menus contain a children’s dish. See below our current menu.

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